We know that fires can occur for different reasons, being essential to the detection of the cause with the objectives of applying an extinguishing system or another.

Grupo Intasal, S.L. we have different systems of extinguishing fires (equipped fire hydrants, dry column against fires, automatic sprinklers hydrants, fire hydrants, fire extinguishers, among others), being:

  • Water extinguishing systems, are used in fires caused by what we consider solid fuels, such as wood, paper or fabric.
  • The extinction of fire in inflammable or combustible liquids is done using equipment based foam.
  • Gaseous extinguishing systems are used for the protection of enclosures with electronic or computer systems, which the water could cause damage.
  • Powder-based fire-extinguishing agents manteniare used to extinguish fires caused by liquid or gaseous fast-spreading, fuels because they have a high power of inhibition.