All facilities and elements of firefighting are characterized by act when occur emergencies, so there is a high probability that remain long periods without acting and acting there is no time to implement corrective measures.

This reinforces the need to have a good program of maintenance of all installations and elements of firefighting.

Grupo Intasal, S.L. is a maintenance company duly registered, the maintenance is performed in all devices, equipment, systems and components used in the fire protection established in the Royal Decree 1942 / 1993, of 5 November (rules for the installation of protection against fire-RIPCI), complying with the maintenance  program that is set in tables I and II of this standard.

We have evidence of the operations carried out, the result of the checks and tests and replacement of defective items that have been made, complying this way with the suitable preventive maintenance program.

“Mantenimiento mínimo de las Instalaciones de Protección Contra Incendios. “